Top 5 reasons BBWs are better in bed!

Lets get straight to the point, BBWs are better in between the sheets for many reasons, but the biggest reason is more cushion for the pushin’! We will list the topĀ 5 reasons and interview a BBW lover for his personal reasons for choosing BBW lovers over skinny girls.

  1. Biggest reason is bigger breasts and or butt. Men love to haveĀ  something to hold onto, and lets face it in general men are more attracted to bigger breasts and butts.
  2. BBWs are known to be more open and try new things. Think 50 Shades of Grey ladies and gentleman. Bigger woman can handle more “pain” and pleasure and are more open to trying everything.
  3. BBWs tend to be more loyal and faithful to their partner. Whether the relationship is serious or just sexual.
  4. Along with being a large and in charge lady their personalities are usually larger than life and can bring much joy and excitement to the bedroom and everyday life.
  5. Most BBWs have a higher sex drive, so men in the bedroom you’ll never be bored or complain that sex is lacking.

There are so many reasons out there that BBWs rock in between the sheets. In our next blog I will be interviewing a charming gentleman we will call CH and get his points on why bigger girls do it better, some personal experiences and his opinion on the negative surrounding big girls in the sheets. Many questions will be answered and nothing is off limits!!! Hope you enjoy.